The Art of Science Learning

The Art of Science Learning is a National Science Foundation-funded initiative that uses the arts to spark creativity in science education and the development of an innovative 21st Century STEM workforce.

The initiative is built on more than 15 years of work by Harvey Seifter and colleagues, exploring the impact of artistic skills, processes and experiences on learning and the innovation process.


Rocking Your Writing Program: Integration of Visual Art, Language Arts, & Science

Poldberg, M.M., Trainin, G. & Andrzejczak, N.


Journal for Learning Through the Arts, 9 (1)  2013


This paper explores the integration of art, literacy and science in a second grade classroom, showing how an integrative approach has a positive and lasting influence on student achievement in art, literacy, and science. Ways in which art, science, language arts, and cognition intersect are reviewed. Sample artifacts are presented along with their analysis to show how students learn in an integrated unit that incorporates visual art as a key component. While we recognize the importance of art as a unique domain, this research demonstrates how integration of visual art, literacy, and science content creates an effective curriculum benefiting all students.


Writing and Drawing in the Naturalist’s Journal

Dirnberger, J. M, McCullagh, S., & Howick, T.

The Science Teacher, (2005), 72 (1), 38-42.


The mutually reinforcing integration of science and art is clearly seen in the journals and notebooks kept by creative thinkers and explorers since the time of Leonardo da Vinci. The Naturalist’s Journal is an effective tool for learning about nature and science and can be an effective teaching strategy.



Science and Art in the National Parks

Clary, R. (2016).  The Science Teacher, 83(7), 33-38.


Many US national parks were established to preserve their unique geology or biology. Over the years, their often stunning flora, fauna, and topography have been celebrated in many forms of artistic expression. Here, Clary talks about the US National Park Service’s 100th anniversary.