Writing and Drawing in the Naturalist’s Journal

Dirnberger, J. M, McCullagh, S., & Howick, T.

The Science Teacher, (2005), 72 (1), 38-42.


The mutually reinforcing integration of science and art is clearly seen in the journals and notebooks kept by creative thinkers and explorers since the time of Leonardo da Vinci. The Naturalist’s Journal is an effective tool for learning about nature and science and can be an effective teaching strategy.





Earth View, Art View

Lydia Dambekalns


The Science Teacher, January 2005


This fascinating interdisciplinary project combines satellite imagery with the technique of silk painting in batik. Students choose a Landsat image, enlarge the area of interest, and paint it onto silk. To assess the project, teachers can discuss both the content of what students portrayed in terms of scientific inquiry, observation, accuracy, and interpretation and the artistic style they employed in terms of painting technique, observation, and use of elements and principles of design.